A look at the best restaurants in Utah

Utah the 45th state of United States Of America is a fast growing, highly interesting and warm place to be in from the tourist perspective. Even otherwise is it one of the best places to be in for those who wish to pursue higher studies or take up employment in some of the best companies.

It also is the place to be in for those who are interested in outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and other adventure sports and activities. Hence if you are visiting this place as a tourist it is quite likely that you will be focusing on a few things.

You would like to ensure that you have the best of transport available when you are visiting Salt Lake City and other interesting places in Utah. You also would like to have some decent idea about the accommodation and hotel facilities and finally the kind of food which you can expect. Some people are even known to take out payday loans here in order to visit some of the most expensive restaurants given the fact that they are famous for the best food items.

It would be pertinent to mention that Salt Lake City in particular and Utah in general is home to some of the finest restaurants. They are famous for serving some of the most common delicacies covering various taste buds. On the one hand they have some of the best continental dishes and on the other hand you can also get to enjoy the tastiest and nutritious Chinese, Mexican, Indian and other dishes. The list of restaurants is quite big but we will try and have a look at a few chosen ones.

Log Haven

Many customers would not mind giving this restaurant a five-star rating and there are many reasons for the same. For example it is set against a natural background and therefore it has a unique ethnicity attached to it. further the food that is available here is simply amazing in terms of nutrition, variety, method of cooking and of course price.

The atmosphere is highly enjoyable and so is the food. Whether it is the best of tuna, salmon and other sea fish dishes or the best in chicken and meat preparations, you can be sure that you will have your mouth watering just by smelling the food as they are being prepared. It also has some of the best elk preparations and you could check up with the chefs and choose some of the most amazing elk dishes. The waiters are well behaved, cordial and extremely professional in their service standards.

The Park Café

Though it might for a bit of waiting, it is worth it when one gets to taste the food that is served here. It not exactly the biggest of restaurants but if you book in advance you should not face much difficulty in getting seats. The foods are ordered and served within a reasonable time period. They are hot and fresh and variety of menu is perhaps a point which one needs to keep in mind. They have some of the best collections of soups, salad preparations, Tuna Sandwiches, a unique and exotic collection of Salsa Dishes.

They also are famous for offering the choicest collections of pork preparations and Pork Potatoes are simply yummy. The price is also extremely reasonably at for around $30 per person you can expect quality food which is also filling.

Smokey’s BBQ And Grill

Perfect and awesome are two words to describe Smokey’s BBQ And Grill. Situated not very far away from Ogden Union Station it is a great place to be in for some of choicest collections of Barbeque and Grill preparations. It has a wide choice of American Barbecue preparation and it could be the right place to be in for lunch and dinner with family.

It is a neat and professionally managed restaurant and the services are also quite good. You are not made to wait endlessly because the time between order taking and execution is quite small. You also can get the best of briskets, ribs, pulled pork preparations and much more.

The above are just a few examples of the dozens of restaurants which dot the sky line of Salt Lake City and other important and cities and towns of Utah. You would do well to spend some time on the internet to have a better idea about the various other restaurants.