1) Loan Request

Requesting a payday loan is easy with us. Simply fill out our online form and we'll quickly do the rest.

2) Approval

It takes minutes for your information to be processed. We'll try to match you with the lender who is ready to offer you a loan.

3) Cash Transfer

Once loan agreement is signed, you'll normally get your cash as soon as the next business day!

How It Works

The goal of UtahCashHelp is to provide you with the payday loan for your temporary financial situation, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

To that end we have crafted perhaps the easiest online application process on the web. Rather than filling out endless paperwork, meeting face to face or faxing over documents, and then waiting days to get approved; our platform allows you to apply within minutes online. Because we don't do credit checks we are also able to approve your application and make you an offer almost right away!

Remember - Payday loans are explicitly to help you cover unforeseen expenses that can easily be paid when your next pay check arrives. This is why they are often called cash advances, because it is like getting an advance on your wages. It is therefore important that the borrower respects this function and does not attempt to use the loan to pay off other debts, or fall in to the trap of taking our payday loan after payday loan to recycle and extend the debt. If you borrow responsibly this is a wonderful lifeline.


There are a few basic requirements that you must meet before applying for a payday loan in Utah. Obviously you must be an adult of 18 years or older, as we cannot lend to minors. You also must be a legal citizen of Utah with a fixed address where you can be reached. To ensure that you have the ability to pay back the loan you must have a verifiable source of income, be that through employment or self-employment, and this income must be at least $750 a month. You're also required to have a basic checking account that will accept the deposit and the repayment automatically.

How To Apply

Applying couldn't be easier. Whether you're on a PC, laptop or mobile device, simply navigate to our application page and there is one simple form that should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete. All you will need to provide is basic information such as your name and personal details, address, employment and income info, and your bank account numbers for the deposit.

We then pass this information through our secure network and check it against various public records so we know you are who you say you are. Using your income and employment details we'll then make an automatic assessment of your eligibility and your screen will load up and inform you whether you have been approved. All of this takes a matter of seconds. In the rare case that our system is down or you made an error and we cannot verify the application, we may ask you to try again or we'll contact you for further clarification.

The Offer

After you are approved we will make you a reasonable offer based on your income. Unless there are exceptional circumstances you will not be subject to a credit check. The offer will be a sum that is below your monthly income. You will also be informed of the single finance charge which you must pay on top of the principal. This is the charge for our service.

At this stage you are free to reject the offer and walk away. You will actually have to click through and digitally sign the agreement for it to be legally binding. Only then will we deposit cash in to your account. If you reject the offer you are free to apply again at any time, but we advise waiting a week or so as the offer will most likely be exactly the same.

Cash is deposited in to your account within 24 hours, though you may see it in just a couple of hours. This applies to the working week, so you won't see anything on a Sunday or during any bank holidays.


Before accepting the offer you will be informed of the date which we will attempt to take the repayment (the full principal + finance charge). This will usually be a couple of weeks from the day the loan is issued, which will fall after the date of your next pay check. This ensures the money is there. We advise you to use the same bank account where your wages are cashed in case you forget to transfer the money over.

If there is a problem and you know the funds will not be there on time you should get in touch immediately to explain the situation. If we are unable to recover the amount owed and you fail to make contact, you may then be subject to additional charges and interest.

In some cases we might be able to extent the loan period, but failure to enter a dialogue may be treated as a default.

For more on finance charges, interest and repayment you should check out our Rates and Fees page.